Company history

1945 The two brothers Axel and Bertil Bengtsson start their engineering shop in Hultaberg in the South of Sweden. Their business idea is to manufacture screw-vices, brass-spindles and hydraulic equipment.

1956 The business expands and the company moves to Liatorp. Bertil, who one year earlier passed away, is replaced by the third brother engineer Torsten Bengtsson. Torsten who among other things has worked with design of hobbing-machines leads the business into gears manufacturing. You can see Torsten sitting in a vertical boring and turning mill on the picture to the right.

1963 The company’s second founder Axel dies in a tragic aircraft accident. Torsten and his son take charge of the whole business. The demand for gears increases constantly and new modern machines for turning and hobbing are acquired. The company is now a stable supplier of transmission parts.

1970 The development progresses, new premises are built and the workshop-area inhabits 8 000 sqm. The turnover is 7,8 msek and the company has about 80 employees. Saab-Scania and Husqvarna are included among the newer customers. At the beginning of the seventies the subsidiary Nybro Stålprodukter was founded in order to satisfy the increased demand for workshop-plates and gear axles.

1976 Through an acquisition the family-company becomes a part of the Swedish Match Company who build up a machine division under the name Arenco Parts.

1980 By the turn of the year 1980/81 the companies within the Arenco Parts jointly build the SwePart group through a management buy out. In addition to Bröderna Bengtsson Mekan, Läreda Mekan (today in the Autoliv Group), Tidamek and Nybro Stålprodukter are part of the group. Now the turnover is 29 msek and the number of employees is 100. During the eighties the company designs their first “own” products in cooperation with the customer, among others a transmission-axle for fork lifttrucks with a lifting capacity from 3,5 to 8 tones. The company is responsible for both design, manufacturing and assembling.

1990 During the late eighties large investments were made in high-technology machines and the enterprise is focusing even more on advanced products within transmissions. Our net sales have increased to 77,5 msek and the number of employees is now 130. The company is now responsible for developing, designing, manufacturing and assembling of transmission-products. We are a complete subcontractor with a broad customer base which inhabits not only the leading Swedish exporting companies but also smaller companies and foreign companies.

1995 The company celebrates it´s 50´th birthday and the turnover exceeds for the first time 100 msek. 1996 During the spring Bröderna Bengtsson Mekan AB changes its name to SwePart Transmission AB. Later this year the SwePart group is acquired by Hexagon. The year after that the company is certified for ISO-9001 and the number of employees raises to 140.

2000 Under the late nineties the business stagnates, lack of investments and development leads to gradually worse results. The problems are getting embarrassing. In the year 2000 the company shows losses for the first time.

2001 The negative result raises marks of interrogation about the future and the enterprise is deeply analyzed. The company shows development potentialities and Hexagon decides to carry out a reconstruction-program comprising large investments. The reconstruction work starts in May 2001. Hans Granlöf is employed as Managing Director and takes on full responsibility for the reconstruction-program. Just over two years of fantastic work with many painful but necessary alterations, large investments and lots of education have shaped a top-modern manufacturing company with engaged and motivated personnel with high competence. A complete new SwePart Transmission AB with very good growing potential in the future has been formed.

2007 SwePart reaches an agreement with Scania on the take-over of its transmission gear and shaft production in Sibbhult. This will result in SwePart having units in Liatorp and Sibbhult with some 200 employees and a turnover of about 350 msek.

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