Cleanliness measurement

The trend within the automotive and engineering industries is towards increased cleanliness demands for purchased and works-made components. Cleanliness technology is not only a requirement added to a drawing, it is also a working method that applies to the whole manufacturing process.

In order to meet present and future cleanliness demands for systems and their component parts, we have to measure cleanliness in an efficient and reliable manner. Some companies may need help and support in this area and with the implementation of the necessary measures. Others have or need their own equipment in order to carry out measurement themselves. But there are also those that would prefer the task to be outsourced to a company that would carry out measurement and compile reports.

At SwePart Transmission AB, we control our own demands for components using the G-method in accordance with Swedish standard SS-2687. We can also provide other companies with support and training in cleanliness measurement, in our analysis laboratory in Sibbhult.

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