Manufacturing units

Today, SwePart Transmission has two modern manufacturing units, one in Liatorp and the other in Sibbhult.

The working environment is light, clean and spacious, and there is ample room for expansion. We work primarily using automated production cells where all the machining can be done on a single line.

We start with primary production parts (normally forged) and finish with complete gearboxes. In Liatorp we also have a prototype group with a number of stand-alone machines which are much more flexible and on which we can produce small volumes.

Personnel are organised into goal-oriented production groups where quality, planning and logistics, competence development and continual improvement are primary concepts.

Our customers comprise, among others, Sweden's leading export companies and international customers principally within the heavy vehicle industry.

Automation technology, forestry and contractor machinery, among others, are also sectors included in our customer base.

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